Climate Data Library

The Data Library is a powerful and freely accessible online data repository and analysis tool that allows a user to view, analyze, and download hundreds of terabytes of climate-related data through a standard web browser.

It is a powerful tool that offers the following capabilities at no cost to the user:

  • access any number of datasets;
  • create analyses of data ranging from simple averaging to more advanced EOF analyses using the Ingrid Data Analysis Language;
  • monitor present climate conditions with maps and analyses in the Maproom;
  • create visual representations of data, including animations;
  • download data in a variety of commonly-used formats, including GIS-compatible formats.
Datasets organized by source, i.e. creator and/or provider.
The goal of this tutorial is to introduce you to the structure of the Data Library and the many ways to navigate through it.
Statistical techniques are essential tools for analyzing large datasets; this statistics tutorial thus covers essential skills for many data library users.
Index for functions that can be used to analyze data within the Data Library.
The Help Resources include basic and statistics tutorials, function documentation, and other resources to help you get the maximum utility out of the Data Library
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