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Monthly Climate Analysis

This Maproom provides information on the mean climate at any given point or at national and sub-national levels.

This tool allows the user to construct maps of monthly mean climate variables: rainfall, maximum temperature and minimum temperature. The default map shows average precipitation for January over the whole country. Clicking on the map would generate graphs showing monthly climatologies as well as over 30-year time series of monthly anomalies for the selected season.

Dataset Documentation

Reconstructed rainfall and temperature data over land areas on a 0.0375˚ x 0.0375˚ lat/lon grid (about 4 km of resolution). The rainfall time series (1983 to 2014) were created by combining quality-controlled station observations with satellite rainfall estimates. Minimum and maximum temperature time series (1961 to 2013) were generated by combining quality-controlled station observations with downscaled reanalysis product.


The Monthly Climate Analysis interface provides the ability to make customized graphs for a user-selected location or spatial area. The interface consists of a clickable map, 4 drop down menus and a row of buttons at the top of the map.

Drop down menu descriptions:

When a desired location is clicked, 2 time series graphs will be automatically generated.

The top graph will show the dekad averages of the selected variable for the full period for which data is available. For rainfall, 1983-2010 and temperature, 1981-2010. This graph also includes lines that show the 5th and 95th percentiles to provide information on the variability. The bottom graph will show the yearly anomalies for the selected month or season over the selected range of years.

When the user places their mouse over the map, a new set of tools will appear on top. A summary of these tools can be found below:


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